This one is for our social butterflies. For the people who always leave a good first impression, have a big smile, a flirty personality and who are not afraid to be the ones to approach people to tell them about the best party on the boulevard: The Beachhouse!

In the daytime you will be found at the beach with your colleagues, making new friends with all the tourists who are enjoying their vacation. You are the face of Beachhouse and it is very important to leave a good impression, because everybody will remember you. In the evening you will get dressed up and you will be the face of The Beachhouse in front of the door. Here you will make sure that all the hot boys and girls that you met on the beach and the ones you will meet in front of the door, go inside for the party of their lives.

Does this sound like your personality and are you ready to become part of our Beachhouse family? Apply here!

This form can also be completed in Dutch!